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Natural Beauty


Natural Beauty

Our skin it the first thing people see and we know that our appearance dose not define who we are, but who doesn't like to feel beautiful. Our staff is highly qualified to help with your skin care needs. We will guide you to achieve results researching and personalizing each treatment. a special occasion or you want to enhance your natural beauty. 





Crème de la Crème Treatment*
This is a red carpet facial, with the best ingredients to feed your skin, giving it a boost to give you a beautiful natural glow. We will talk about realistic results, talk you thru how to maintain and improve your skin; we like to be honest about our results. This includes
a microdermabrasion treatment with a boost of an ultrasound massage. 

50 minute treatment     $80 


Anti-Stress Treatment*
Why anti-stress treatment? Sadly more and more we see adult acne; we will talk about triggers for the acne on your skin; the good news is that we can help treat and improve your skin. We all know that teen acne is due to hormones; we will teach your teen what is happening with their skin, tell them about Do’s and Don'ts and yes! We will do lots of extractions (as needed).
50 minute treatment in both cases    $70 


Sunny Delight – Chili Winter Treatment*
If you love to soak-in the sun but hate the effect on your skin or even worst the dryness of winter, this treatment is what you need.
We will help calm the burning or dry sensation of your skin and help it heal faster. We will guide you to help stop the itching, dryness, burning and tight sensation that you are feeling.

50 minute treatment   $70 


Blossom treatment*
We have two different types of peels and we will only offer this service after consultation to assess which one is more appropriate for your skin, the results are great. For better results, we offer treatment series of 4 to 10 sessions. Series prices are based on consultation
40 minute treatment     $90 

* We offer a special price if treatments are bought in series, we love the results and we make a commitment to you that you will see
visible results. Ask for more details.




We never double dip !


We never double dip !

We never double dip in our wax services 

We love cleanliness we use a new wax applicator every time we dip it into the wax. 

Face                      $40

Eyebrow             $15 

Chin                     $10

Upper lip            $10

Underarm          $20

Bikini                  $35

Brazilian            $60

Half leg              $30

Full leg              $50 

Half back          $30

Full back          $60


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Who doesn't like long lashes? This service will give you an immediate eye lift and will beautify your eyes. We recommend filling them every 2 to 3 week depending on the care you give them.

Full set     $180

40 min fill | $45

30 min fill | $35


Eyebrow tinting
This service will give you natural, full-looking brows and create a polished look on your face.

Full set    $20


Our commitment
We have teamed with DERMALOGICA not only do we believe in the quality of their products, but better yet, we have seen great results with them. Let us serve you we promise you will love and feel results!

Coco Chic Spa etiquette 
Please arrive 15 minutes prior your appointments to fill out forms, talk about any concerns you may have, explain the treatment requested and answer any questions. Call 24hrs ahead for cancellation if not you will be charge 50% of the service.