Hair Treatment*
Shampoo and Style                         $38+
Deep Conditioning Treatment     $25+


We start each appointment with a full consultation before receiving a relaxing spa shampoo and finish the service with blowdry and style to complete de Coco Chic experience 
Women          $45+
Gentlemen    $30+
Blowdry         $38+
Set                   $38+


All color services include shampoo and style.
Full Color                     $70+
New Growth                $55+
Full Highlights         $100+
Partial Highlights      $75+
Low Lights                   $80+
Color Between add    $30+


All chemical services include shampoo and style.
Full                    $80+
Partial               $55+ 
New Growth    $80+


* An additional $15 charge may apply to any service based on your hair length and density. 
These prices are exclusive for Watermere & Landing residents.